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Consumer Remit

From a regulatory perspective, the MCA is responsible for the overall regulation of the electronic communications services sectors, which include fixed and mobile telephony, Internet and television distribution services, that is, access to TV services, such as those offered by the local service providers. It also regulates the postal and the Maltese eCommerce sectors.

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120 consumer complaints and 227 enquiries handled by the MCA during the second half of 2016
Published On: Feb 27th 2017
The Malta Communications Authority has published a report on the complaints and enquiries received during the second half of 2016 from subscribers of telephony, Internet and television services, as well as individuals using the postal service.
The MCA publishes new measures to be introduced with regard to access of bills for Internet TV and telephony services
Published On: Apr 6th 2016
New measures aimed at facilitating access to bills in relation to Internet, TV services, fixed and mobile services have been introduced by means of a Decision published by the Malta Communications A...
Final decision further to GO's failure to notify the MCA about changes to the terms and conditions of subscriber contracts
Published On: Mar 30th 2016
The MCA issued a decision following GO plc’s failure to notify the MCA with various ‘notification letters’ sent to its subscribers informing them about changes to their terms and conditions.

How Can We Help?

If you are currently experiencing any problem whilst using any of the services regulated by the MCA, we may be able to help you. If you are not satisfied with the service provider’s redress, lodge a complaint with us by filling MCA’s complaint form.

If you would like to enquire on any services regulated by the MCA, you can contact us by phone on 21336840, or send an email to customercare@mca.org.mt

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