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Another step towards removing barriers to eCommerce
Published On: Feb 9th 2018
Online shopping is becoming increasingly more popular with internet users. According to MCA’s latest consumer survey, carried out in 2016, 63% of Maltese bought something online.
Shopping online from sellers based outside the EU
Published On: Feb 6th 2018
Charges applied by postal operators / couriers to their customers to handle clearance of goods received from non-EU countries vary considerably from one operator to another.
The Assignment of Additional Spectrum for Wireless Broadband - Clarifications to the Enquiries Received
Published On: Feb 1st 2018
Clarifications to the enquiries received from the interested stakeholders on the Call for Applications for The Assignment of Additional Spectrum for Wireless Broadband (MCA/O/18- 3061)
Annual Plan 2018
Published On: Jan 25th 2018
The MCA has today published its Annual Plan for 2018. The Annual Plan sets out the priority work-streams and related individual tasks that the MCA intends to carry out during 2018. The Annual Plan is reflective of the MCA's Strategy Update covering the period 2018 - 2020.

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