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The MCA publishes a public consultation on the roadmap for the UHF band 470-790 MHz
Published On: Apr 23rd 2018
Over the next years, developments in 5G and the Internet of Things will usher a new era in mobile connectivity services. To help meet this demand, the MCA following the award of spectrum licences in the 800MHz and 2.5 ...
Ensuring connectivity through spectrum
Published On: Apr 5th 2018
*Three operators awarded five spectrum licences stimulating further mobile competition in Malta* *Nationwide infrastructure investments in Advanced LTE (4G+) over the next months* *Paving the way towards super fast mob...

Spectrum Planning

Spectrum planning is the process of establishing the spectrum management goals for the future.

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Spectrum Monitoring

The purpose of spectrum monitoring is to support the spectrum management process in general, including frequency assignment and planning functions.

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Towards 5G

5G is more than just a new radio technology; it holds the promise of enabling new communications possibilities and applications. Such opportunities, of which many are still unknown, will eventually lead to a ‘hyper connected society’.

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Test & Trial

The MCA operates a test and trial licensing scheme in support of innovative spectrum uses which aims to exploit Malta’s unique potential as a test-bed.

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