Published On: Nov 16th 2018 News

When items are purchased online from retailers overseas the delivery to the consumer in Malta is dependent on the options made available by the retailer. The retailer may provide for the delivery of items via a cross-border postal service or in some cases cross-border delivery may not be an option at all (i.e. deli...

Published On: Nov 16th 2018 Consultation

Postal Article Forwarding Services (PAFS) - Regulating the delivery of postal articles

Published On: Nov 13th 2018 News

A quick view of the MCA's monthly highlights and activities.

Published On: Nov 12th 2018 News

The 2018 edition of Budding Rockstars was held on Thursday 8th November at the Grand Hotel Excelsior, Valletta.

Published On: Nov 8th 2018 News

Some news Highlights from the Global Telecommunications and Postal Industries, as well as topical items and trends in Information and Communications Technology.

Published On: Oct 31st 2018 News

The Forum of European Supervisory Authorities (FESA) is a forum open to national bodies responsible for the supervision of Trust Service Providers (TSPs) and of Trusted Lists in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation.