Published On: Jul 14th 2017

The MCA has submitted its preliminary views in relation to the notified concentration by Apax Partners Midmarket SAS and Vodafone Malta Limited, as outlined by the Office for Competition in the Government Gazette of 6th June.

Published On: Jul 4th 2017

The MCA is launching the ‘On the job learning programme’ which is an initiative geared towards post-secondary students who wish to gain workplace experience during the summer recess with the Authority.

Published On: Jun 30th 2017

The MCA is hereby publishing its annual report on the implementation of aspects related to the Open Internet, commonly referred as Net Neutrality of Regulation 2015/2020.

Published On: Jun 28th 2017

Overview of Total Sum of Charges Collected and Administrative Costs - 2016.

Published On: Jun 23rd 2017

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA), has recently published the Communications Market Review (CMR) highlighting on main trends and developments for electronic communications and postal sectors in Malta.

Published On: Jun 12th 2017

Reference is made to the publication of Notification of Concentration issued by the Office for Competition within the Malta Competition and Consumers Affairs Authority (MCCAA) of a concentration between Apax Partners Midmarket SAS and Vodafone Malta Limited which notification was published in the issue of the Government Gazette of 6 June 2017.