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Malta-based start-ups gather for ZEST Malta 2017
Published On: Sep 22nd 2017
ZEST Malta 2017, the main gathering for Malta-based start-ups, is currently being held at the Radisson Blu Golden Sands Resort and Spa. The event is being attended by start-up founders and CEOs, investors, talent, influencers and support professionals, and brings together a cosmopolitan crowd of locals, expats and ...
MCA launches FastTrak - another initiative of the eCommerce Malta National Strategy 2014-2020
Published On: Sep 11th 2017
The Malta Communications Authority (MCA), with the support of the Malta Employers’ Association (MEA) and the Malta Chamber of SMEs (GRTU), will be offering free training sessions on Digital Marketing, with special focus on online presence and social media. These sessions will aim to guide those operating in the r...
Internet & eCommerce Use by Consumers - January 2017
Published On: Apr 5th 2017
A study commissioned by the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) in July 2016 has revealed that more than three-quarters of consumers across all age cohorts in Malta and Gozo are using the Internet. Whilst a laptop/des...
Internet & eCommerce Use by Consumers – May 2014
Published On: Oct 31st 2014
The study aims to gauge the growth of eCommerce use by consumers across the Maltese islands whilst allowing comparisons with the results of previous editions. The study established that 54% of all respondents (includi...
Internet & eCommerce Use by Consumers – September 2010
Published On: Sep 7th 2010
The MCA carried out its seventh eCommerce survey with the aim of obtaining an indication of the level of internet and eCommerce usage accross the Maltese islands and to gauge the sector's potential for growth.  The s...
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Internet and eCommerce Use by Business - December 2016
Published On: Dec 9th 2016
The purpose of this study was to assess the digital capabilities and readiness across the entire local industry. The field work was undertaken between March and May 2016 with the sample population amounting to 700 bus...
Internet & eCommerce Use by Business – July 2013
Published On: Jul 15th 2013
Following up on the study undertaken in 2012 [1], this survey evaluated the level of Internet and eCommerce use by the local business community and its potential for growth. The survey gauged the level of ICT penetrati...
Internet & eCommerce Use by Business – May 2012
Published On: Oct 17th 2012
The purpose of this research was to gain an insight into the level of Internet and eCommerce usage by the local business community and its potential for growth. This survey aimed to gauge the level of ICT penetration a...
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