Authorisations & Licensing

In terms of the Electronic Communications Act (Chapter 399 of the Laws of Malta) and the Postal Services Act (Chapter 254 of the Laws of Malta), undertakings wishing to provide electronic communications or postal services respectively are required to notify the Malta Communications Authority for a General Authorisation to provide such services. The relevant forms are included in this section.

In accordance with the Electronic Communications Act (Chapter 399 of the Laws of Malta) an authorisation is required for the right to use radio frequencies.  The authorisation is necessary to, amongst other things, avoid harmful interference and safeguard the efficient use of spectrum.  The Authority is publishing, under this section, a copy of the rights of use of radio spectrum granted for the provision of electronic communications services.  Application forms for the grant of spectrum authorisations are also being published.

Part IV of Chapter 399 also requires that the installation or use of radiocommunications equipment is subject to an individual licence unless the equipment is licence exempt or covered by a general authorisation.  The grant of individual licences is subject to the payment of licence fees.  The application forms and information on certain equipment licensing frameworks is included under this section.