The MCA revises its test and trial licensing regime to further support the carriage of technology trials such as 5G and IoT

The MCA has published its revised licensing framework for the grant of spectrum rights for test and trial licensing purposes. 

Through this framework stakeholders can exploit Malta's unique potential as a test bed for the carriage of tests and trials of radio technologies and services, including 5G and IoT, on a nationwide basis with minor investment.  This forward-looking framework can also serve to validate innovative technologies and associated business models and consequently increase predictability and reduce investment risk.

Why choosing MCA's framework for your tests and trials:

  • Malta’s geographic location and population density make it the ideal location for nationwide 5G and IoT trials.
  • A flexible test and trial licensing regime with ample spectrum availability in various frequency bands.
  • A comprehensive licensing framework facilitating technology trials on a nationwide basis.

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