MCA Contributes to the Dialogue about Making Digital Marketplaces Fairer

During 2016, 1.61 billion people around the world purchased goods over the internet and therefore it comes as no surprise that Consumers International chose eCommerce as this year’s theme for World Consumer Rights Day.

Consumers can nowadays buy or book almost anything online. This does not come without its fair share of issues and challenges for consumers. It’s a must that digital marketplaces offer a fair and secure shopping environment. Moreover, consumers need to be reassured that should things go wrong, they would be able to obtain redress without too much burden and expense. This has become increasingly pertinent for Malta, as more and more internet users are buying online, with most purchases done cross-border.

As the entity responsible for the monitoring and facilitating of eCommerce take-up and other related services, the MCA provides support to both consumers and businesses in maximizing the use of digital technology with confidence. As part of World Consumer Rights Day 2018, the MCA will be participating in the ‘Making Digital Marketplaces Fairer’ conference organised by the MCCAA, where MCA representatives will discuss how the Authority ensures that both consumers and businesses are equipped with the necessary tools and competence to actively participate in the digital world, through its various initiatives.

Follow the MCA at the ‘Making Digital Marketplaces Fairer’ conference on Thursday, 15th March 2018 at the MCC, Valletta.