Satellite Communication

The evolution of the global satellite communications industry is generating new commercial opportunities for businesses operating within this sector. Advancements in technology are leading businesses from this and other sectors to capitalize on the ensuing new economic and commercial opportunities.

Why Malta?
Malta has strongly established itself as an international jurisdiction for global businesses operating in the financial services and online gaming markets.  Over the past years, the Maltese Government has actively encouraged foreign investors to establish their operations in Malta by developing and implementing policies that favour an open economy and support direct investment.  Its well developed ICT infrastructure and community of English speaking professional services organizations operating across legal, accounting and taxation services, makes Malta the ideal location for establishing your business. This is further supported by the fact that Malta is a full member of the EU and is strategically located at the crossroads between Europe and Africa, boasting a track record for economic, political and social stability.

The MCA’s initiatives
The MCA is launching a number of initiatives aimed at increasing the country’s participation in the satellite communications industry in order to attract interested international entities to its shores. These entities have the potential to bring with them relevant experience in this industry required to strengthen the potential development of new markets.  These initiatives focus on the provision of facilities for the registration of new satellites with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), as well as processes which facilitate the establishment and operation of satellite earth stations in Malta. These initiatives form part of a wider set of activities, which are aimed at promoting Malta’s national infrastructure and space assets.
The below links provide initial information in these areas.
  • Licensing of ground components 
  • Malta’s space assets 

The MCA represents Malta as Member State of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and acts as Malta’s notifying administration under the ITU procedures.  In this respect the MCA has adopted a set of procedures which must be followed by satellite players wishing to  register their satellite network with the ITU through Malta.  These procedures detail the necessary coordination procedures and registration to be undertaken, in order to achieve international recognition under the relevant provisions of the ITU Radio Regulations.  In particular, the procedures define the roles and responsibilities pertaining to the MCA and to an applicant with regard to the different types of applications that are permitted under ITU rules.

MCA representatives are more than happy to discuss these topics and initiatives with interested parties. In order to initiate a discussion, please send an email to