WebCheck for Local Councils

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA), in collaboration with the Department for Local Government (DLG) are launching a project entitled WebCheck for Local Councils

During phase one of the project, a directive was issued by DLG to ALL local Councils with the aim of assessing the degree to which Local Councils are exploiting modern social media tools within their environment.

As a result to this, the MCA provided these LCs with the necessary know-how to better implement the directive as well as to make better use of the Internet, and the various digital social media platforms, in order to evaluate opportunities for growth, awareness-raising and recognition of their work.

This seminar was delivered by Kristel Jo Bishop, a digital business and marketing consultant and lecturer. She has been working in the field of the Internet since 2000 and she has been involved in a wide variety of e-marketing and e-business projects. Since 2006, she has been lecturing in various courses for the University of Malta in e-Marketing and e-Strategy.