Staff Training: Hospitality Industry

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) together with eSkills Foundation, Data Protection and the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association, have all teamed up to provide free ICT training to staff employed within the hospitality sector. This training is targeted to hotel staff, employed at supervisory level and upwards. This cluster is usually comprised of people who usually shy away from the adoption of technology, which undoubtedly, hinders progression in their career. This may also affect the competitive edge of the local industry, particularly in the context and realities being faced by the tourism industry.

The MCA will be offering the Project Enter course B – Internet at Work, with a slight deviation. The course will be delivered in 6 weekly sessions of 2 hours each, by qualified tutors. One session will be focusing on data protection issues, relevant to the daily situations encountered by personnel attending the training.

In a nutshell, this basic ICT course organised, will provide attendees enough knowledge to encourage them grasp with basic technologies surrounding them.

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