Management Committee

Management Committee

The Committee is responsible for the execution of the Authority's day–to–day functions. It meets on a weekly basis to review on-going activities, agree on actions to be taken by the Authority and approve draft decisions prior to presentation to the Authority's Board for approval.

The Management Committee is composed of the Chairman, the chief of each unit (or their substitutes), financial controller and a secretary. The main responsibility is to ensure that the authority is properly administrated and that it achieves its objectives. The Management Committee is appointed by the Chairman.

  • Policy & Planning Unit
  • Operations Unit
  • Technology and Spectrum Management Unit
  • Corporate Development Unit
  • Information Management and Development Unit

The Management Committee provides for communication, consultation and cooperation among the leadership of the MCA regarding strategic issues and overarching policies and procedures. In particular, the Management Committee contributes to the formulation, and monitors the implementation of the business plan through regular reviews of operational and financial performance.

The members of the Management Committee work together as a team - sharing their own skills, knowledge, and experience, through which different ideas and views are discussed. The tasks involved in the running of the authority are divided between the members; who are delegated designated assignments that require reporting back to the Management Committee. The Management Committee may establish sub-committees/working groups reporting to it on assigned tasks.

Whilst the Management Committee provides a forum for discussion and quality assurance, responsibility for decision-making on operational matters defined in the business plan rests with the respective function.